About project

„..We are going through a historic transformation in the way we live, learn, work, communicate and do business. We must do so not passively, but as makers of our own destiny. This Summit is unique. Where most global conferences focus on global threats, this one will consider how best to use a new global asset. We are all familiar with the extraordinary power of information and communications technologies”

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan

The proposed project “Open the Window on the World” is for elder people- seniors. We would like to “open the window on the world” for seniors by teaching them how to use the computer and the Internet in their daily lives in the nice and clear way. We would like to propose seniors studying materials that can help them to learn how to use the computer and the Internet. The cooperation with senior groups during work on materials - Handbook for Senior. How to use the computer and Internet? will enable us to adjust its form and context for seniors’ needs.

The fact that can prove the need to create this - Handbook for Senior is also thing that repeated illnesses, housework ( e.g. look after ill members of family), house that is far from the town (….) make seniors unable to take part in traditional course how to use the computer. In these causes materials that are correct prepared, materials that in details explain how to use ICT technologies could be alternative way to learn the practical using these technologies. They will also make the opportunity for seniors to learn with right, adjusted for their skills tempo of learning how to use the computer.

The aim of this project is to create the Handbook for Senior- How to use the computer and the Internet?