Educational page was created to build community on line for all people who take part in upbringing young people. is an easy way to know important information, essential materials, training and courses and also ability to discuss any subjects which are connected to upbringing.

Educational Centre Taurus in frame of international cooperation is the coordinator or the partner of educational project that is paid by the European Union funds.

If you need any further information about the projects and recent developments you are kindly invited to contact the head teacher from Taurus, Mrs. Bozena Strzemieczna e-mail

About us

As an Adult Education Institution, Educational Centre Taurus exists to provide a wide range of educational programs and services.

ECT has been doing this for over 18 years and has adapted its activity to meet the changing needs of the teachers learning for this time.

ECT sees education as a tool to the social transformation and seeks to bring about a change in the education system.
The Centre aims to improve practical skills, inform everybody by culling ideas from different sources, and help to develop professional abilities.

Educational Centre Taurus is private educational centre and is on the government list of educational institutions that is made by Warsaw Educational Curatorial - number on this list 533/K/9595 - 08 th September in 1995

Page is for all adults who are involved in upbringing young people. It has been building to provide access to information about all our activities since the beginning of our page. This page consist of researches and development programmers, teachers’ publications; online discussion forums; articles, useful links.

Main aims and tasks for ECT:

1. Courses and trainings for teachers
Subjects of trainings: Creating tests to measure students skills, Base of educational measurement, Active methods to teach arts subjects, Active methods to lead upbringing lessons and educational how to live In a happy family, Gymnasia exam of arts subjects, Analysis of gymnasia tests results, Psychological aspects of marking students, Motivating students to study, How to cope with aggression, HIV/AIDS prevention, Active methods in teaching, Professional promotion in government rules and in practical situation , Assertion for teachers, The problem of tiring of teachers work….

2. Printing and selling materials for lessons ’how to live in a happy family’ (sexual education)

E-learning trainings and courses for teachers

Educational Centre Taurus recommends courses for teatchers on the Net.

4. International cooperation

Taurus is partner or coordinator in the the transnational projects since 2005.

5. E-books for teachers

The head teacher:
Bożena Strzemieczna

Educational Centre Taurus
Ośrodek Edukacyjny Taurus


05-825 Grodzisk Maz.
ul. Kościuszki 41 m 3


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